Marathon Madness Tour

From USD $79.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Product code: MAR

This one goes out to all those winners out there... get ready to be BEER'D!

On our Marathon Madness tour, our goal is to introduce you to beers that will keep you coming back. The best part? These stops are also our favorite breweries to visit after a long run! We begin our first leg of the race at Gigantic Brewery. Gigantic specializes in small batch brews that will thrill you for a limited time only, and then never come back. This is the place to grab your favorite beer while you can, as it might not be around next time! We'll push through to leg two of the race at Laurelwood Brewery where the group will enjoy a behind the scenes tour of their brewing facility while we keep the beer coming. You'll goal here is to stay hydrated and soak in the knowledge! Finally, we'll make a sprint to the finish line and end at Migration brewery for a round of celebratory beer tastings paired with a round of appetizers. Honestly, have you ever heard of a better race in your life? We didn't think so. 

Our tours are all inclusive. They include more than enough fresh, delicious beer, appetizers (enough to take the edge off, but not too much to inhibit beer consumption), transportation on our epic beer-loving short bus, beer journal and tasting guide complete with BREWVANA pen, pilsner glass, postcard, pretzel necklace (for palate-cleansing between beers), and a safe & fun tour guide!

Breweries visited: Gigantic, Laurelwood, Migration